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24X7 Pharmacy

Department of Organon & Philosophy

This subject has major contribution in the curriculum as it is taught in all four years of the BHMS course. This is a basic subject which provides knowledge of Homoeopathy to the students and helps them in their clinical practice. This subject is taught to the students in both theory and clinical classes in each year by the faculty

Aim: At the end of course students shall be able

  • Demonstrate the acquisition of the basic knowledge of the principles and practice of homoeopathic pharmacy.
  • Exhibit and understanding of the evolution of the various aspects of Homoeopathic Pharmacy with future projection.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of the scientific and logical basis of the principles and practice of dynamisation.
  • List the techniques of drug proving.
  • Enumerate the methods of quality testing, storing, and dispensing.
  • Recall laws relating to the Pharmaceutical industry in general and Homoeopathy in particular.