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Department of Anatomy

The subject of Human Anatomy deals with the study of normal structure and framework of Human Body.

Aim: At the end of course students shall be able

  • To Understand and reproduce the structural pattern of all the systems of the Human Body.
  • To easily discriminate the abnormality in any structural system of the body.
  • To grasp and assimilate the subjects of successive years’ curriculum such as Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery and Medicine, easily and effectively.

To provide sound foundation to be competent homoeopathic physician who has capabilities of assessing, planning and treating patients and give expertise opinion and consultation services as and when needed.

Department of Human Anatomy educates the learners in the structural organization of the human being including Embryology, Osteology and Histology.

  • The Department has state of the art infrastructure and experienced teaching faculty and technical staff It also contains many unique specimen of high quality.
  • The Histology lab has laminated charts and adequate number of microscopes. for discussions/seminars.
  • The Dissection hall is equipped with all necessary equipments for the purpose of dissection of cadavers. are used to present the knowledge and provide a clear understanding of Human Anatomy.

The objective of teaching the subject of anatomy is not only to make students acquainted with the structure but also it functional correlation and applied aspect to help him qualify as an able physician.The faculty are actively involved in research work and enhancing educational methodology in medical education